Welcome to the Psychotherapy practice of Arnold Eisman, LCSW

This introduction is meant to encourage you to address the problems you and your family are struggling with. Most people seek treatment  because they are beset with painful symptoms or crises within the family. From anxiety, depression and grief, romantic breakups and conflict, or trauma, illness, a supportive and thoughtfully executed treatment plan marks the beginning of healing and recovery.

The essence of treatment is a compassionate, confidential and supportive environment that allows us to make a systematic and thorough exploration of the problem. Initial sessions assess problem areas that determine which treatment options will be effective. Some symptoms, such as acute anxiety and depression, may require highly focused cognitive, behavioral or other interventions, including consideration of a medication referral. Many addictions require a recovery program wherein the psychotherapy provides a source of strenght and skills building. EMDR is an innovative and benign process that achieves profound results for victims of trauma, abuse, anxiety disorders and other symptom clusters.

Relationships can have a variety of obstacles. The treatment generally calls for a broad exploration of the triggers for conflict and skills training for healthier handling of conflicts and a deeper appreciation of each other's viewpoints. To effectively reduce trauma and grief, an array of therapeutic actions can be employed. In all instances, the patient maintains control of major decisions throughout the therapy.